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Pinot Palooza 2013

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Pinot might be the most misunderstood of grapes. Long before Paul Giamatti’s expelled its virtues in Sideways, the grape has divided wine wonk into lover and haters. To some pinot is the elixir of life itself, to others it’s a tricky grape to get right and not worth the fuss.

Whichever way you lean, you might learn a new thing or two at Pinot Palooza, the upcoming wine event from Dan Sims and Jess Ho at Bottle Shop Concepts. Not your usual wine outing, Bottle Shop is dedicated to taking the wank out of wine. Their previous boozy event Game of Rhones brought codpieces, fur and whips to wines from the Rhone Valley.

This time, Pinot gets the rock star treatment at St Kilda Town Hall. Aside from having tastings from 55 different producers, there’s also fried chicken from Rockwell and Sons and burgers from Huxtable.

It’s a lot of fun, and they’ll be a lot of wine. And music. And a free glass from Riedel. And more wine. You can also find out what “terroir” means if you really want to.

So if you’re looking to find out what side of the great pinot debate you side with, you’d do worse than making an informed decision at Pinot P.

Pinot Palooza is happening at on Saturday 5 October. View the trailer here.
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