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On a balmy Monday night, I set out to try the latest and greatest haunt from The Lucas Group – Hawker Hall, situated on Chapel Street, Windsor. With so many great Asian restaurants now taking over Prahran (Hanoi Hannah, Tokyo Tina, Toko and Mr Miyagi) to name a few, I wondered how the latest creation from Chris Lucas (Chin Chin, Kong and Baby) would go down with the cool crowd over the Yarra.

I arrived at the restaurant at 6.30pm expecting a bit of a wait for myself and my friend’s but after a short 15-minute wait (yes, you heard me correctly… 15 minutes), we were seated. For all you restaurant noobs out there, Chin Chin has a minimum wait time of an hour, so worth it though.

My first impression of the layout inside was a word that Lydia Schiavello has brought back in to my life thanks to The Real Housewives of Melbourne, “wow”. They have used the space incredibly well, with huge neon lights and signs draping the walls and one of the biggest selections of beer on tap my eyes had ever seen. Bravo Mr Lucas, bravo. Not to mention the ample seating spaces, which vary from stools looking in to the kitchen, tables and booths.

Anyway, back to the food! Prior to arriving at the restaurant I had sussed out the menu to see what I might be interested in. The waitress was incredibly helpful and knew the menu back to front. We settled with a few entrees and a few mains to kick our Monday night off. One thing you should know about this place is that the food is all for sharing, nothing too big, so it is good to order multiple dishes-that way you can try an abundance of dishes and leave feeling like a fat cat.

The first to arrive was the Pork and Chive wontons- so silky and delicious. The little bit of spice in them didn’t even set me off into a rage of panting and coughing- sometimes even sweet chilli sauce sets me off, I am learning to adapt though.

We ordered some Roti Canai with curry sauce and eggplant sambal which was absolutely delicious; you can never go wrong with Roti. The curry sauce and eggplant sambal went extremely well together and my mouth was in actual heaven. I thought movie popcorn was heaven, but this may take the cake.

We then moved on to some bigger dishes and went with the Hokkien Mee Egg Noodles with pork, prawn, squid and sambal before I lost my virginity to Goat curry – also delicious – might even put it on the shopping list for Mum. Not exactly sure where she would find Goat, but here’s another challenge for her.

Overall, it was a great experience and as soon as I graduate from my P-Plates (only two more weeks!), I will definitely be back to tap into the drinks menu and try some more dishes.

Hawker Hall
98 Chapel Street, Windsor
Open everyday, 11am-late


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