Roulston & Young: Songs for Lovers (and Other Idiots)

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London Cabaret legends Sarah Young and Michael Roulston bring Songs for Lovers (and Other Idiots) to The Butterfly Club.

Kino Cinemas turns 30!


Cinema Kino turns 30 this weekend. Let's celebrate with $6 movie tix and $1 popcorn.

Lady Macbeth


Lady Macbeth is a visceral, violent, and brilliant masterpiece that goes beyond the traditional Victorian BBC flick.

Wonder Woman


Wonder Woman, the first female-led — and female directed — film of the modern superhero era, is one that audiences have been waiting too long to see.

Chauka, Please Tell Us the Time


Chauka, Please Tell Us the Time is the latest documentary that gives a voice to the inmates on Manus Island who are facing indefinite detention.

Hotel Coolgardie


Amidst a political era where accusations of sexism, misogyny and xenophobia are rampant in both our leaders and the public, Hotel Coolgardie, the new documentary from director Pete Gleeson, could hardly be more relevant.

Hello, Dolly!


The beautiful Marina Prior fills the stage with charisma and glamour in the role of Dolly Levi in Hello, Dolly!



In today’s world of fake news and metadata retention schemes, the theatrical adaptation of George Orwell’s dystopian classic 1984 is more chilling than ever.

Out of Earshot


Milk Bar Mag checked out Out of Earshot, a visual performance that boldly defies taken-for-granted notions of spoken dialogue or lyrics in a song, creating something special.

Wrecking Ball


Milk Bar Mag checked out Wrecking Ball, a story that questions how much people are willing to ‘go with the flow’, in their attempt to be ‘real’ and their authentic self at the same time.

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