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Fashion designer Ellie Mucke has been tasked with the ultimate sustainable fashion challenge: to create a new frock out of used Nespresso capsules.

As the Victorian ambassador for the Project Upcycle campaign, Ellie will be one of six Australian designers taking part in the project, which aims to create sustainably-produced art out of wholly recycled materials.

“Recycled aluminium only takes five per cent of the energy required to create new aluminium, and it’s infinitely recyclable,” says Ellie.

While not all of us are inclined to make a pair of shoes or a new bracelet out of our used coffee pods, it certainly means there’s no excuse for dumping them in the bin.

Ellie first became interested in working with recycled garments around 13 years ago.  As part of her label MUCKE, she now incorporates second-hand clothing into all her designs in an effort to reduce wastage and bring a second life to existing materials.

The concept of sustainable fashion can mean different things to different people and can be anything from clothes swapping to high-end couture made from pre-used fabrics or waste. For Ellie, it’s ultimately about “looking at the lifespan of a product. About using the history of the garment to tell a story, and hopefully inspire consumers to make a positive change.”

Ellie’s Project Upcycle creation — a dress which features petals cut from empty aluminium coffee capsules — will tour selected Nespresso stores around Melbourne before being donated to a charity.

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Find Ellie’s work on display at Nespresso:
Doncaster: July 29 – August 4
Chadstone: August 5 – August 18
Melbourne: August 19 – September 1

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