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Power (and pints) to the people

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Sick of what you’re drinking, think you’ve got the idea for the perfect beer? Well, now you’ve got the chance to prove it.

James Smith, the crafty chap behind beery blog bible The Crafty Pint has launched ‘The People’s Pint’, a competition where people can enter their idea for the perfect beer. Even better, the winner’s brew will be made up by Temple Brewery and served at Good Beer Week in May.

Smith, aka Crafty, came up with the idea, but why he did ‘is lost to the sands of time’. He sees the comp as a fun way of getting people to chat about beer, and with Ron Feruglio, the head brewer at Temple responsible for whipping up the ultimate entry, Crafty says the winning beer will be something special.

Entries are now open and hoppy beers are topping the list, while brews inspired by Aussie icons like Vegemite, Caramello Koala and even AC/DC have been thrown in the ring. Sadly no Rolf, Kylie or Kyle at this stage.

‘It seems most people are taking it as an opportunity to go for something crazy, but we’re not necessarily just looking for crazy – I love getting submissions that make us laugh (such as the “Double Hoptendre”, complete with punchline “so the barman gave it to her”).’

So if you think you’ve got what it takes to make a master brew and win eternal bragging rights (and possibly god-like powers) visit


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