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Worshipping at a new Temple

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This week a new place of worship has quietly opened in Brunswick: Temple Brewery and Brasserie. Named after the Babylonian priestesses who, according to legend, brewed the first beer in temples, this new brewery is a modern day place of for another type of worship.

Temple is the brain/love child of husband and wife team Ron and Renata Feruglio, who have won a slew of gongs over the years for their award winning craft beers. Until now Ron and Renata were wandering brewers, using other brewery’s facilities to make their own limited-edition batches. Now they’ve got their own place.

Temple is both a working brewery and a place to eat and drink. Split over two levels, the ground floor bar is all dim lighting, sleek design. It looks into the massive brewery, where kegs and…big shiny machines make the magic happen.

Upstairs there’s artwork over the stairs and walls documenting the history of beer, from the Babylonian priestesses all the way to the German discovery of lager (1420) and Sir Walter Raleigh brewing the first beer in the New World in 1587 to Prohibition.

Upstairs is a more open space that overlooks the brewery, where Ron and Renata plan to hold beer appreciation classes and run tours of the brewery next year. The roof is designed to look like the foamy top of a beer. After a few of their brews it just might.

There are five standard beers on tap: Brunswick Draught, Bicycle Beer, Pale Ale, Soba Ale, Saison. I’m greedy so I tried them all. My favourite was the gutsy Saison, followed by the Bicycle Beer, which is brewed pyramid salt.

And what goes better with some beer than salty fried food right? But you won’t find a packet of Burger Rings and potato wedges on the menu. Instead there’s Pickled Quail Eggs and Vegetables ($8), Brunswick Rarebit ($12), Drowned Pork Sop (an open pork sandwich, $17) and Chilli Bag ($17).

I had me a chilli bag.

US-style chilli topped with coriander and fresh tomato, served with a side of corn chips in  a bag. It’s awesome.

So just in time for summer, Temple will be open 7 days a week. I can’t think of a better gift to give the city.

Temple Brewery and Brasserie
122 Weston St, Brunswick East
11am to 11pm Mon – Sat, 11am – 9pm Sun


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