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The 5 Best Cocktail Bars In Melbourne

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There are two types of people (cocktail-drinking speaking): people who are okay with ordering a cocktail alongside a killer brunch, or people who opt for the sensible and wait for a more appropriate time of day to order something shaken, not stirred. Whether you are with a group of friends debriefing about the weekend gone by, or on a romantic date, or enjoying a rendezvous alone, these are five places in Melbourne offering top-shelf quality cocktails:

1. Cookie – The People’s Favourite
Known for being just another bar in a building filled of outlets for the drunk, Cookie is a long-standing favourite for many. With an extensive menu, and helpful friendly bartenders, they are able to tackle the ‘Surprise me’ syndrome that many face when selecting one cocktail. Cookie is a venue that fits all scenarios. Cookie is there for you. And Cookie knows what you want. Do not let the array of children’s books fool you into thinking Cookie is in the little leagues, because when it comes to cocktails, great service and a casual vibe, it is in a league of their own. Prepare yourself for a legitimately packed house on Friday after 5pm.

Recommended: Figurehead Sour and Guava Dreams.

252 Swanston Street, Melbourne

2. 1806 – The Dux
1806 means business. A deceptively unassuming wooden door opens you to a world of opulence and exuberance. Chandeliers hung high, red velvet drapes and leather chesterfield couches all add to the luxury fit for a high-roller. A perfect dating venue, the cocktail menu reads like a chronology of elixirs dating from 1650 to give insight into what the people of the time were drinking. With a stack of accolades, and winning the Cocktail Bar of the Year in 2013, 1806 is the premier destination. 1806 means to be impressive.

Recommended: Lord Ruthven’s Gossip Cup and Pisco Punch.

169 Exhibition Street, Melbourne

3. Polly – The Reliable Friend
A true night of drinks on Brunswick Street is not complete until ordering a delectable cocktail from Fitzroy’s most up-for-it drinking spot. Positioned in the centre, the bar is hard to miss, and you can watch the expert bartenders practicing their magic as you peruse the seductive cocktail menu. An ideal setting for a group of friends, Polly is perfect for any celebration, dressed with excellent and knowledgeable service, and finished with a care-free vibe; it is easy to understand why Polly slips into the third spot.

Recommended:  Lemon Meringue and Berry Mojito*.

*Not on the menu, but happily created on request.

401 Brunswick Street, Fitzroy

4. Lily Blacks –  The Wise One
Tucked away in Meyers Place, Lily Blacks may be one of Melbourne’s best kept secrets for cocktails. Lily Blacks is the perfect place for a quiet cocktail to contemplate one’s life among a backdrop of chatter from neighbouring booze-hounds. With a descriptive menu like no other, Lily Blacks will help you decide which cocktail will best “wet your whistle”. From the smoky to the refreshing, from the bitter to the sweet, Lily Blacks can best be described for possessing an understated elegance.

Recommended: Upper East Side and Daddy’s Tipple.

12 Meyers Place, Melbourne

5. Eau de Vie – The Party Animal
Vibrant, fresh and hidden away, Eau de Vie is perfect for the hip, young twentysomethings swarming to find Melbourne’s most prized laneway cocktail bars. The dimly lit venue prides itself on a bevy of cocktails to please anyone. Upon walking in, let the warm, buzzing atmosphere greet you and sip on an exquisitely created cocktail.

Recommended: Yuzu Mule and Espresso Zabaione.

1 Malthouse Lane, Melbourne

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