Bloomsday At The Drunken Poet

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This Thursday, June 16 marks Bloomsday, a day in which we commemorate the life and works of Irish writer James Joyce and his mind-blowing contribution to literature. Named after Leopold Bloom, the main character in Joyce’s masterpiece Ulysses, the first Bloomsday was held in 1954 on the 50th anniversary of the events that take place in the novel in Dublin. In the 57 years since it has been observed by avid fans of literary genius the world over.

Being avid fans of the written word ourselves here at the Milk Bar, we wondered what we could possibly do on Bloomsday to make it as commemorative as possible. What, you mean you don’t have plans on Bloomsday either? Well, I’ve done some digging and found just the thing for us.

To celebrate not just Joyce, but love of the written word in all of its forms, The Drunken Poet is having a night of literary festivities to mark the occasion.

Kicking off at 6pm, the evening will be hosted by RRR’s Ben Birchall and will feature an array of writers reading and performing their work, including frankie magazine’s senior writer Benjamin Law, crime writer Shane Maloney and local singer-songwriters Mick Thomas and Van Walker.

With its unabashed love of literary figures adorning its walls, The Drunken Poet is the perfect place to coalesce on a winter’s night and share in the love of the written word. So come along, listen to some truly talented artists and get drunk! Who knows, maybe Finnegan’s Wake will finally make some sense after you’ve had a few?

The Drunken Poet
65 Peel St, West Melbourne

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