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With the Comedy Festival in its last week, why not take the time to check out a a few local comedians strutting their stuff? Some are performing in basements, some in pubs, some in sell-out shows, but they’re all doing something unique, and are definitely worth a look – especially tonight on tight-arse Tuesday.

Xavier Michelides In Future World
Located in a basement somewhere beneath Trades Hall, Michelides’ (pictured) one-man show has just been nominated for the Golden Gibbo Award. Set in 2347 when corporations save cash by hiring employees from the past, this fertile scenario gives Michelides, in his mesmerizing metallic tracksuit, ample room to play around with historical figures from Socrates to Hitler. Plus who wouldn’t pay to see a re-enactment of Harold Holt give a swimming lesson?
Where: Trades Hall – The Bookshop, cnr Lygon and Victoria Sts, Carlton
When: Tues – Sat 8.15pm, Sun 7.15pm
Tickets: www.comedyfestival.com.au/2011/season/shows/xavier-michelides-future-world/

This Is Siberian Husky – Quadraphonic Kaleidoscope
Comic duo Dan Alleman and Simon Godfrey perform this frenetically-paced sketch show, playing a rotating roster of skits that eventually intertwine. The sheer number of characters and scenarios the comics tackle is momentous, and while some skits work better than others, they’re unlike anything else you’re likely to see at the festival. Variously described as “disturbing”, “mad” and “warped”, this show will appeal to fans of Tim and Eric Awesome Show and general lovers of the absurd.
The Worker’s Club, 51 Brunswick St, Fitzroy
7.30pm, till Saturday April 23
Tickets: www.comedyfestival.com.au/2011/season/shows/this-is-siberian-husky-quadrophonic-kaleidoscope

Sammy J & Randy In Bin Night
Barry Award winner Sammy J re-unites with Randy the puppet (who bears an uncanny resemblance to a ribena) in Bin Night, a “human-puppet-musical-comedy-extravaganza” about two friends trying to catch a neighbourhood rubbish dumper. Full of local pop culture references and rip-snorting song and dance numbers, this tightly scripted show has been so popular it’s been moved to larger venue at The Hi-Fi. More Meet The Feebles than Muppets, Bin Night’s never been this much fun.
Where: The Hi Fi, 125 Swanston St, Melbourne
When: Tues – Sat 7.00pm, Sun 6:00pm
Tickets: www.comedyfestival.com.au/2011/season/shows/sammy-j-randy-in-bin-night

Art & Design


The House Of Dior

Milk Bar Mag checked out The House Of Dior: Seventy Years of Haute Couture exhibition bringing together fashion and art in the always-beautiful National Gallery of Victoria.


Moments by Dominic Taranto

Milk Bar Mag had the privilege of having an advanced viewing of Moments, and a chat with Dominic Taranto, the humble and hard-working artist behind it.



Milk Bar Mag will attend the opening night of Moments, Northside artist Dominic Taranto's largest show to date.

Food and Drink



Bringing contemporary Malaysian street food to Northcote’s own High Street, the sleek and minimalist Merah aims to give patrons a touch of spice with their authentic home-style inspired menu.


Loch Lomond and Glen Scotia

Renowned whisky brands Loch Lomond and Glen Scotia are finally making the trip from the highlands of Scotland to a store near you.


Juniperlooza 2017

Juniperlooza Gin Festival returns to The Boatbuilders Yard this year promising to be a day of sensory delights and sun-soaked merriment by the Yarra River.