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Milk Bar’s Guide to Christmas carols

Resident curmudgeon and reluctant caroller Lehmann Smith shares his favourite tunes for the festive season.

MP3 of the Week: ‘Sweet Little Nothings’ by Secondhand Heart

Hear guitars go on spiritual journeys down desert highways, tambourines rattle like snakes and drumkits go marching off jagged cliffs.

MP3 of the Week: ‘Fat monk’ by Rat vs Possum

Space echo drive-by's of Moogs and vocals part Nico, part Gregorian hipster, RvP's new single new single has the makings of an epic party anthem.

MP3 of the Week: ‘Covered in Snow’ by Hyfrydol

With Spring so up and down, Hyfrydol takes us back to winter with their meandering accordions, languid guitars and sounds of the hibernating countryside.

MP3 of the Week: Row, Oarsman, Row by Francis Plagne

The new single from Fracis Plagne sounds like it came straight from 1960s Brazil.

By George: Living in the Material World

Martin Scorcese's new documentary shines a light on the extraordinary life of the 'quiet' Beatle.

MP3 of the Week: ‘What Are You, What Are You Made Of?’ by The Leafs

At 35 seconds long, The Leaf's new track is what Brian Wilson would call a pocket symphony.

MP3 of the Week: ‘Green Groove’ by Free Choice Duo

The drum machine beats and pre-programmed rhythms of this MP3 harkens back to the 8-Bit scores from Sega Mega Drive games.

MP3 of the Week: “Promise To Stay” by The Icy Poles

We hear 1950s doo-wap with a touch of David Lynch in the latest from local all-girl outfit The Icy Poles.

MP3 of the Week: “Destination Unknown” by Super Melody

Super Melody's new track is like Right Said Fred just stepped off the ocean-liner in a freshly-pressed off-white handmade Italian-silk safari suit, soon to be embroiled in an exotic mystery.

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