Articles written by: Carla Sammut

Motherf##ker in a Hat

Set in New York and with a killer soul soundtrack, Red Stitch's latest is a lot of f##king fun.

The Burlesque Hour: The Glory Box

Hot, sticky and sharp - if you're looking to see a mind bending all female revue of talent and creativity this is your ticket.

The Laramie Project – Ten Years On

Matthew Sheppard was brutally beaten to death 16 years ago in Laramie, Wyoming. Ten years after the event Tectonic Theatre revisited Laramie to see what has changed. This is their play.

Stockholm Syndrome

Red Stitch's new production casts a spotlight on the healing and harmful nature of long-term relationships.

Boy Girl Wall

A commanding solo performance (and a piece of chalk) transforms the MTC's latest from a quirky rom com into something quite extraordinary.

Beyond The Neck

Port Arthur 1996 - 35 people dead, 21 injured. Red Stitch's latest production explores this day we all remember clearly but have barely spoken about since.

Summertime in the Garden of Eden

Trannies in a Thornbury garage, a sultry tale set Georgia amid the American Civil War, plenty of eyeliner. Welcome to the latest from the Sisters Grimm theatre company.

National Play Festival plays in Melbourne

For the first time in its history the National Play Festival is coming to Melbourne, transforming the city into a theatre workshop of walking tours, talks and performance.

Good People in bad circumstances

Red Stitch's new production takes an uncompromising look at the darker side of the American dream.

The Pineapple Sorrows

Pineapple has died and the hors d'oeuvres sing and dance through their grief. Welcome to the tragi-comedy of La Mama's latest. BYO fruit.

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