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Eight Men’s Summer Fashion Trends in 2018

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Men’s fashion is something that is constantly on the move. In order to stay up to date with the latest fashion trends, you need to be aware of seasonal changes. Fortunately for men’s fashion, summer trends seem to last for about two years. Here are some summer fashion trends that you need to know for 2018.

Shorts Are In

Shorts are no longer reserved for the frat boy look or the weekend golfer. At one time, Tom Ford said that no man should ever wear shorts in the city. However, many celebrities have been rocking the shorts look very well for quite some time. In the most recent Paris Fashion Show, designers have shown us just how classy and fun shorts can be. It looks like the shorts look will be in for some time to come.

Tailored Clothes And Sportswear Mixed

When you think about sportswear in men, you usually are thinking about the 80s or people at the gym. However, designers have started to mix sportswear and tailored clothing. This combo seems to be a hit among many. Mixing hoodies with blazers or sweatpants with button-up shirts can look great when done right.

Black Is In

Black was once reserved for the goth and emo kids in our high school. It is now going to be very acceptable to wear all black to an event that does not call for it. While this might not be as popular of a colour scheme during the winter, it is something that is bound to be a hit in men’s summer fashion.

Long Shirts Are The New Craze

If you look back to the early 2000s, you can remember rappers wearing the baggiest clothes they could get their hands on. While men aren’t looking for the loosest fitting look they can find, they are searching for clothes that give them more comfort. Longer fitting shirts are all the craze now. These shirts pair great with skinny jeans and baggy jeans alike.

Pattern Mixing Is No Longer Out Of Style

Pattern mixing used to be something that would easily get you some raised eyebrows and weird looks. Lately, designers have been embracing this contrast. Individuality and uniqueness have been showing through lately in men’s fashion. By mixing patterns, you will be able to create an outfit that stands out and lets you show off your individuality.

Baggy is Back

More often than not, you are going to be seeing men in baggier clothes. The days of tight-fitting shirts and trousers have come to an end. This may be due to a counter-culture movement showing its face in the mainstream fashion more and more lately. It will be interesting to see how designers embrace this in the year to come.

Big Blazers Are Now Cool

Who would have ever thought that wearing an oversized blazer would become a fashion trend? This is just what is happening now. With the baggy look coming back, this is working its way into jackets as well.

Graphics Are Not Old-Fashioned Anymore

There was a time where wearing graphics on your shirts was like going back in time. Designers now are embracing all types of graphics on shirts and trousers. Large graphics that engulf an entire shirt seem to be the way to go. Look out for the latest and greatest graphic tees and other summer wear in 2018.

These are just a few of the many different men’s summer fashion trends that you should learn about if you want to stay trendy during the summer months. Try out some fun baggy looks to get you started. This will be a great way to begin transitioning into the new men’s fashion trends.



Ivette works in Digital Marketing at POLITIX, a leading Australian-based brand that specialises in contemporary men’s fashion clothing. POLITIX is known for their original design, expertise in fit, tailoring and ultra attention to detail.


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