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Opening just in time for the Christmas holidays and located in the heart of the Docklands shopping centre precinct is ArtVo, a 3D art gallery where you become the centrepiece. The first of its kind in Australia, this ‘trick art’ gallery encourages visitors to jump in and interact with each of the over 100 hand-painted artworks by fourteen international artists that run from floor to ceiling.

These largescale artworks are scattered across eleven different themed rooms including jungle safari and enchanted garden and allow visitors to enter into the paintings and gaze into the deep brown eyes of King Kong or ride a magic carpet through an Ancient Egyptian crypt. The setup is simple: upon entering a new artwork, look for the photo point on the ground that will tell you how to stand, how to position your camera and how to interact with the image. With the aid of the gallery’s helpful staff and the clearly marked instructions for each painting, you will be able to craft imaginative and physics-defying selfies and group shots.

ArtVo merges modern technology and our photo-obsessed culture into a truly immersive experience. Open 7 days a week, and late on weekends, ArtVo is sure to be the kind of gallery that young kids can get behind these holidays, especially since they are given the chance to fight a dragon or turn into a mermaid. Bolstered by a great location, with the Melbourne Star just next door, you have the makings of a great family outing, day or night.

26 Star Crescent, Level 1, The District Docklands, Melbourne
Open 7 days, Monday to Thursday, 10am to 6pm, Friday and Saturday, 10am to 11.30pm, Sunday, 10am to 6pm


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