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Juniperlooza 2017

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You may have heard the old rumour that if you drink gin, you’ll get sad. Well, we are here to tell you now that this is an absolute myth – and we aren’t the only ones who think so.

That’s right, on Saturday, 18 November at The Boatbuilders Yard, Juniperlooza Gin Festival will be back for a day of sensory delights and sun-soaked merriment by the Yarra River. It’s a gin party, everyone! There’s nothing sad about that!

This year, Juniperlooza will showcase 18 of the best local and international gin producers out there, coming from as far as Scotland and as near as our fair suburb of Brunswick. These gin-iuses will be presenting two drinks: their own spin on the classic gin and tonic, and a completely unique, think-outside-the-box gin inspired cocktail. This is a rare occasion to sample the distinct regional flavours from distilleries all around the globe. At Juniperlooza, you’ll truly get a sense of how these connoisseurs work in harmony with their natural environments to bring us something so special (and so absolutely tasty).

Throughout your aroma sniffing and gin sipping, you’ll be entertained by DJs and a variety of performance artists. The Boatbuilders Yard will have a specialty gin-inspired food menu on offer, and the ever-popular Talk + Taste sessions are back to intrigue and inform you.

Tickets are $45 each, including entry to the festival and 1 G&T voucher which can be redeemed at any stall. See you there!

The Boatbuilders Yard, 23 S Wharf Promenade, South Wharf
Saturday 18 November, 12pm to 8pm


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