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The Village Festival 2017

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Considered to be the jewel of the inner north, Edinburgh Gardens is everyone’s favourite patch of green and during the warmer months it is home to seas of tattoo-clad, fedora-wearing, beer-drinking and picnic-enthusiastic Fitzroy North locals. Returning this coming weekend is The Village Festival, celebrating artistic performances, visual arts, music, food and culture. 

The travelling arts festival entices festival-goers by making use of the intricate art-deco gateway facade that leads to an alternative utopian creative space where experimentation is the norm. ‘We travel purposefully to connect artists and audiences wherever they roam. It is with pride we return to Edinburgh Gardens for our flagship event, sharing stories of these travels with our hometown folk,’ says Suzanne Kalk, Artistic Director. 

What can you expect from The Village Festival this year? Maze of Motions is a joint work between students from Macedon and Fitzroy North (mentored by Zak Pidd and Adam Simmons) resulting in a multi-modal art installation that explores the dynamics and complexity of emotions in the modern era. Gherkin Khan’s Amusement Alcazar for Young Warriors will have you complete a bizarre series of tasks and prove yourself worthy of Gherkin Khan’s respect. Banana Jolie Gone Bananas is one show to check out, which is on Friday at 6pm. Expect punchy, pun-filled comedy cabaret that’s “going bananas” with 45 minutes of original songs, witty banter and high-energy dance.   

The Main Stage will feature an eclectic mix of tunes – expect anything from 70s surf and psychedelia to New Orleans jazz, hip-hop and gypsy. Friday night’s headliners include The Number Nineteens, Masco Sound System and Deep Vein Thrombosis. Saturday night’s headliners include Hello Tut Tut, Madeleine Leman and the Desert Swells and Copperhead Brass Band. 

Food is a huge component of the festival and if you consider yourself a well-travelled adventurer with exotic tastes, then The World Kitchen’s cooking demonstration is perfect for you. 

The festival is hard to miss and will be dotted by caravans, colour and containers workshopping the ideas of the future. Prepared to be surprised and delighted at this year’s The Village Festival. Don’t miss out! 

The Village Festival 2017 
Edinburgh Gardens, St Georges Road and Alfred Crescent, Fitzroy North
Friday, 27 to Sunday, 29 October 2017,

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