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Melbourne Dog Lovers Show 2017

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Who let the dogs out?!

Big dogs, small dogs, clever dogs and everything in between – the 2017 Melbourne Dog Lovers Show is one paws-itively brilliant celebration of man’s best friend. Now in its fifth year, the popular event features education, entertainment and just a dash of celebrity – both the human and canine variety!

Is there a dog-shaped hole in your life? Did you just click on this post because you sniffed out an opportunity to pat a dog? Well your canine instincts were right. The Pat-A-Pooch Zone allows you to interact with dogs big and small, fluffy and scrawny. Discover different breeds and learn which might be the most compatible with your lifestyle. The hundreds of exhibitor stalls include further information on breeds, dog associations and the latest products.

Once you’ve sussed out your perfect companion, head on over to the Pedigree Rescue Dog Zone and find out what it takes to give a pooch its second chance. Since 2013, the Show has helped find homes for over 2000 dogs. They are committed to finding the right home, environment and human parents for dogs so they can live a long, healthy and happy life.

For entertainment value you can’t go past DockDogs. Witness the amazing feats of athletic pooches from all walks of life as they compete to achieve the longest leaps, highest jumps and fastest water retrievals ever seen in Australia. Not enough? The Royal Canin Arena will also be showcasing some incredible talent in the UpDogs show (Frisbee, tricks and agility combined!) and the K9 Weave Pole Sprint Challenge that is sure to send your tails wagging.

Snap a selfie with social media celebrity pups at the Insta-pooch Zone or hear from Australia’s favourite vets, Dr Harry Cooper and Dr Katrina Warren (accompanied by her Wonderdogs, of course) at the KONG Celebrity Vet Stage. Here, Hollywood animal trainer, Peta Clarke, will also divulge some insights into training canines for the screen (Babe, Superman Returns, Wolverine) and stage.

Ironically, for safety reasons, your own dogs must sit this one out. But whether you own dogs, love dogs or appreciate them from afar, this event is sure to be a great day out.

Melbourne Dog Lovers Show 2017 
Royal Exhibition Building, Carlton
Friday, 5 to Sunday, 7 May, 9:30am to 5pm

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