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Prahran Market’s Wicked Chocolate Festival

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‘My mom always said, life was like a box of chocolates. You never know what you’re going to get.’

Well the one thing you can guarantee is that in a box of chocolate, you’re going to get…um, chocolate. And in this life, there’s about to be a lot of it. (Not *quite* as profound as I was going for, but I digress…) CHOCOHOLICS REJOICE, Prahran Market Wicked Chocolate Festival is back: richer, smoother and more indulgent than ever!

This year’s mouth-watering line up has chocolate in the form of lamington doughnuts (a Doughboys debut), Nutella calzones (400 Gradi) and chocolate ice cream affogatos (a delicious collaboration from Market Lane Coffee and Pidapipo). Of course, no dessert festival is complete without an appearance from Zumbo Patisserie and to ensure there truly is something for everyone, vegan chocolatiers will also be exhibiting this year. (Plus I’m a firm believer that chocolate, due to its plant origins, is in fact, a vegetable.)

Those keen to submerge themselves into the vat of chocolate knowledge can do so. Educate yourself on the history and manufacturing of chocolate at the Producers’ Stage, study the masters at the Omega by Neil Perry Kitchen demos, and, if you’re quick, purchase tickets to The Essential Ingredient’s masterclass with Melbourne based pastry chef, dessert consultant and creator of the Dessert Evenings, Pierre Roelofs.

Consider yourself the ultimate chocolate lover? Prove yourself by participating in the Weiss Chocolate Eating Competition. The challenge is this: competitors must attempt to consume 500 grams of chocolate buttons in two minutes. Winners receive bragging rights and – you guessed it – a whole lot of chocolate!

And just to give you that extra reason to attend, this year Prahran Market has teamed up with Very Special Kids and all proceeds from Foost – Blend Your Own Smoothie, Bash ‘n Splash and the Chocolate Fountain will be going to charity. Be sure to look them up on the day – anything for the children, right?

The Prahran Market Wicked Chocolate Festival is on for one day only, so don’t miss it.

Prahran Market Wicked Chocolate Festival 
Prahran Market, 163 Commercial Road, Prahran
Sunday, 7 May, 10am to 4pm

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