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SOAP was packed with a fusion of contemporary circus, comedy, dance and cabaret. From impressive control with beautiful choreography to crazy circus tricks, this performance is not one to be missed! SOAP performed at Malthouse Theatre in Melbourne was filled with laughs, skills and a huge array of talent. It is a fresh and original piece from Germany.

The show is a combination of mini stories rolling in with tricks, dance and song. The control shown by the acrobatics is impeccable. Balancing on wet bathtubs and running water whilst performing some astonishing tricks are just some of the things to expect from SOAP.

The clever performance stages different levels. Some tricks are performed right to the floor of the stage, where some fly right over the audience. With each scene change, the audience never knows what is coming next. The show takes the audience on a journey, themed around the bathroom.

Captivating acrobatic tricks and the thought of the cast slipping on the very wet stage keeps the audience on the edge of their seats. The cast of SOAP all brought different and exciting things to the stage; the talent and choreography is incredible. With contemporary dance, tricks and movements, the cast filled their presence across the stage. Each of the cast members was equally talented in their own respect.

The 80-minute performance guarantees the audience something they have never seen before. The stage is never dull with sounds and lighting effects throughout.

SOAP is funny, captivating and somewhat steamy. The performance is slightly interactive with the audience, as many cabaret shows are. The show is filled with water and the first few rows do get wet! SOAP is a fun show with something for everyone to enjoy!

Malthouse Theatre, 113 Sturt Street, Southbank

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