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Sydney stand-up comic Nick Capper brings his droll stage presence and absurdist humour to Melbourne for his new show, Chrome Doggie, an uneven mixed bag of stand-up and sketch.

Touching on a variety of events and topics including gay marriage, racism and misogyny, to name just a few, Capper doesn’t delve too deep into any of them but rather seems to poke fun at the idea of comedy dealing with serious issues. He introduces an issue only to veer wildly off course to find surprising and absurd new territory. It’s this contrast between Capper’s dry delivery and his zanier and outlandish characters and stories that generates the most laughs, leading you down a deep rabbit hole, such as the lengthy tale of the titular chrome doggie, only to puncture the audience’s expectation with a well-timed punchline bringing everyone back to reality. However, some of his jokes could benefit from an edit, funny at first before being taken a bit too far and suffering diminishing returns.

The idea of contrasts is consistent throughout his show with Capper drawing on his own regional background to compare his upbringing and ideals with that of the city folk. Again this provides some of Capper’s strongest material where his intentional awkwardness and seeming ignorance on stage is used to great effect. This stage presence also created some great interactions with the audience that shows an ability to adapt and engage.

Capper’s material for the most part throughout the show is relatable, grounded in everyday situations that most of the audience would have experienced themselves and expressing opinions that have all probably crept across our minds. Though Capper’s sense of humour won’t be for everyone, as he freely admits during the show, with his comedy often crude and relying too heavily at times on shock value to garner laughs. Chrome Doggie begins with a cinematic video of a topless Capper riding a horse before he bursts out on stage half naked and covered in oil to greet the crowd. If that doesn’t sound like your thing then it probably isn’t. But if it does then you’re likely to find something to laugh at throughout Nick Capper’s Chrome Doggie.

Chrome Doggie  
Greek Centre, Zeus, Corner Lonsdale and Russell Streets, till Saturday, 22 April

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