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Hola! The Spanish Film Festival turns the big two-zero this year and Milk Bar Mag is inviting you to join in on the festivities.

With record-breaking attendances last year, the upcoming festival presents the best of Spanish cinema, treating Melbourne audiences to 38 premieres. Reignite your passion for all things Español and immerse yourself in the star-studded programme that’s jam-packed with scorching hot comedies, gripping dramas, and suspenseful thrillers. 

One standout in the stellar programme is Summer 1993 – the centrepiece of the festival. A breathtaking and moving tale, Summer 1993 tells of a six-year-old orphan girl reeling from her mother’s sudden death having to navigate through her grief as she lives with another family. Honourable mentions include Kiki, Love to Love, a sexy and daring award-winning comedy adapted from Josh Lawson’s Aussie flick, The Little Death, and The Queen of Spain, starring Penélope Cruz as a 1950s Hollywood star returning to Spain, who becomes embroiled in foolhardy scheme to rescue the director of her new film. 

After indulging in a few too many sangrias, we’ve decided to give away 10 FREE double passes to the film festival! Screening at various Palace Cinemas – including the Astor Theatre – from Thursday, 20 April to Sunday, 7 May, don’t miss your chance to discover some reel inspiración!

All you need to do is email ross@milkbarmag.com with the subject line ‘Spanish Film Festival’ and be sure to include your name and address. Then, relax, take a siesta and we’ll soon let you know if the double passes are yours! 


Spanish Film Festival 2017 
Thursday, 20 April to Sunday, 7 May



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