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On the Mend / On the Bend

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Looking for the ultimate kick-on sesh? Then look no further than On the Mend / On the Bend, a one-day event dedicated to two much sought after beverages on a seedy Sunday: coffee and beer. Ditch the hangover slump and come join the guys from 3 Ravens Brewery in Thornbury on Sunday, 2 April and for $60, you can consume as much beer, coffee and raclette cheese as possible. 

In a Melbourne first, the dedicated beer and coffee festival will venture into unchartered waters unveiling a series of beer and coffee collaborations where coffee is the key ingredient in the beer. ‘There will be no restrictions on the collaborations, so expect anything from a shot of cold brew into a glass of beer, boilermaker style, through to some really out there brews, such as Cascara Berline Weisse’, says 3 Ravens Brewery manager Nathan Liascos.

Six local breweries and six local coffee roasters will join in on the shenanigans, including Melbourne brewers Tallboy & Moose, Sailors Grave, Hop Nation and Blackman’s Brewery, while DC Coffee, Small Batch, Cartel and Red Bean will offer up some of that aromatic goodness.

If you fancy yourself to be a bit of a connoisseur or just a bit curious, beer and coffee workshops will answer any questions you may have. For unapologetic lovers of the satisfying beverages, join in on the fun and enjoy live tunes (and did we mention beer and coffee?!). Secure your ticket now! 

On the Bend / On the Mend  
3 Ravens Brewery, 1 Theobald Street, Thornbury
Sunday, 2 April, 12pm to 5pm
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