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Valentine’s Day at Luna Park

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The Valentine’s Day battle is a constant one. Whether you’re partnered, loved up and looking for a way to spend the day, flying solo for V-Day 2017 and on the lookout for a date, or content to even just be with friends, there are a million ways to spend it in Melbourne. Customising to who you’re spending it with is the tricky part.

If you’re looking for something with a classic date night feel, and a touch of creativity, the Luna Love event at Melbourne’s iconic Luna Park on the St Kilda Esplanade will be sure to have your date boasting to their friends on Wednesday morning.

From 6.00pm – 11.00pm on Tuesday, 14 February, the 104 year old family amusement site will be alive with the light of love. For just $65 per couple, the ticket includes unlimited rides, for as many rides as like in the five hour duration, a carnival game, a Scenic Railway souvenir photograph and a fairy floss to share.

You can spread the love a little by sharing your V-Day pictures and videos on social media with the hashtags #lunalove and #lunalive

Treat the special someone in your life to a night of smiles and screams in the St Kilda summer air – the rollercoaster may not be the only thing giving you thrills!

Melbourne’s Luna Park 
Tuesday, 14 February

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