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Healthy Eating At The Beatt Cafe

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As a resident of the south eastern suburbs (20 years in the ‘burbs and going strong), I’d be lying if I said I wasn’t spoiled for choice when it comes to tantalising my tastebuds. Melbourne’s ever expanding food culture has even led me to refer to what is arguably the best and worst day of the week as “Supersized Sunday”. A day I exploit as an excuse to trigger self-induced food comas, Supersized Sundays is forever marked in my calendar as the day I demolish delicacies as if I’m in an eating competition with Gilbert Grape’s mum. In fact, it was only last Sunday that the owner of a souvlaki cart at a friends birthday event told me that I was the only girl he’d ever had be first in line for a souvlaki at an event. Thank you, kind sir, I will accept that title with open (and likely to develop into tuckshop) arms.

By Wednesday, however, I’m usually looking for a way to redeem my weekend piggery without engaging in horrendous physical torture. You might know these barbaric activities as “spin class” or “running”. Old fashioned sorcery if you ask me. Alas, I found myself at The Beatt Café, appropriately positioned on Beatty Avenue in Armadale. A new local, this cute café promises delicious and wholesome food that utilises locally sourced and seasonal products, so I felt better about myself just by reading the menu. Despite his initial horror that bacon was not on the menu, which itself is relatively limited, my boyfriend was more than happy when he spotted the mexi-eggs. Referred to by our lovely waiter as “the best dish on the menu”, the mexi-eggs comprises of two organic blue corn tortillas, spiced organic lamb, black beans, tomato salsa, a lime avocado smash topped with chipotle aioli and two biodynamic fried eggs. The dish looked incredible and I almost had food envy. A man who is satisfied with little more than a bag of Smiths salt and vinnies, the dish got a thumbs up and even a “fresh, vibrant and perfectly sized”. Great result.

I, on the other hand, ordered the Beatt Ben & Breakfast Salad. Pitched as the healthiest start to your day, I felt as if I’d been cleansed of all my sins the moment the waiter had left the table. I was a bit concerned I’d end up with a mouth full of bitter kale but the dish was bursting with flavour and the nuts and avo contrasted perfectly. It was a textural party in my mouth, to say the least. The salad was made up of kale, organic quinoa, organic peas, mint, chilli, broccoli, avo, mixed organic nuts and my personal addition of smoked salmon- which to be honest, it didn’t really need. Aside from the delicious food, the cafe itself is a real gem. The Beatt is conveniently positioned adjacent to Toorak train station and, aside from their breakfast and lunch menu, offers a range of sandwiches in the window that would be the perfect lunch pick up for your morning commute.

Images courtesy of Dean Schmideg

The Beatt Cafe
24 Beatty Avenue, Armadale

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