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Sometimes high expectations are satisfyingly met. Now in their fourth week since opening, business at Smith & Deli ­– the all‑vegan delicatessen – has no intention of losing steam.

Tucked away on Moor Street in Fitzroy, Smith & Deli is the second creation from dream team Shannon Martinez and Mo Wyse, the duo behind the widely famous Smith & Daughters. This time, the pair bring a bit of New York City to Melbourne in the form of a Jewish-inspired deli.

The ’50s vibe is omnipresent; counter-hands are charismatic and vivacious, and if they really appreciate your presence, they practically sing your order back to you. You cannot skip over the Egg McMartinez: Smith & Deli’s answer to the egg and bacon muffin staple. This must-try mystifies many, but as a cruelty-free alternative, is all the more delicious.

Scanning through the menu, I was impressed with the wide range of sandwich options. As a connoisseur of two pieces of bread with virtually anything in between, sandwich names such as ‘Maury Ballstein’, ‘Buffalo the Vampire Slayer’ and the ‘Anaphylaxis of Evil’ are tantalising offerings.

If you are not convinced, I would recommend two sandwiches: The ‘Godfather’ and the ‘Parmageddon’. The Parmageddon, unsurprisingly, features the usual suspects – toasted roll with chicken, Napoli sauce, pesto and mozzarella cheese – while the Godfather consists of hot chilli salami, pepperoncini, mozzarella and roasted peppers, finished off with fresh basil – not one for the faint-hearted. Any trepidation carnivores may have had towards the menu should have dissipated by now.

If you have room for dessert, there is a variety of pastries and slices to choose from, including the satisfying Salted Caramel Cheesecake. For donut enthusiasts, you can sigh with relief and gawk over the chocolate custard, raspberry glazed donut adorned with brownie bits.

Smith & Deli is not just a buzzing take-away outlet; you are able to purchase from a wide range of ‘meat’ products, bio-cheese and even cashew ice-cream. Tofurkey makes an appearance stacked in between fishless fillets and house-made soups. You can also purchase olives and roasted capsicum, perfect for a cheese platter or ‘chicken’ salad.

Catering to virtually everyone, Smith & Deli truly is your neighbourhood shop and people with food intolerances, or those who have made a conscious decision to eat ethically, can roam the menu freely and select their favourites.

Not to be missed, so make sure you take a peek. Mazel Tov friends!

Smith & Deli
111 Moor Street, Fitzroy

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