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Have you ever ventured outside your comfort zone, only to be amazed by sights that you’ve never even dreamed of? Do you feel as though your imagination has been enlarged to infinite proportions? If you’ve answered yes to these questions, or would like to experience something new and exciting for the first time, then prepare yourself for the festival that takes the phenomena of human experience to a whole different level.

Supersense Arts and Music Festival is not for the close-minded or ultra conservative; it dares you to challenge your perspective of the world by exploring unfamiliar and sublime realms of human experience. Arts Centre Melbourne will unleash the wacky and eccentric by transforming their stages, back rooms and hidden corners into an interactive and hypersensory environment.

Artistic Associate Sophia Brous has collaborated with the Asian Arts Performing Program in order to produce this event, and there will be Eastern trance ceremonies, seminal techno and stroboscopic projection, modern punk and free jazz showcased throughout the festival weekend.

Supersense Festival will feature artists such as Aboriginal singer Gurrumul, rock n roller’s The Jon Spencer Blues Explosion and Marc Ribot, the TAO Dance Theatre, Discreet and Oblique: The Music of Brian Eno ft. The Necks, innovative performer John Cale: Signal to Noise ft. Lisa Gerrard and Lauren Halo, multi-genre musician Mankel Gottshing, ritual performer Kuda Lumping, experimental film artist Makino Takashi and more! They will certainly awe you with their spectacular and off the chain acts.

Watch your barriers slowly disintegrate as you are pleasantly shocked into a state of heightened awareness; your imagination will be enriched after this experience, as you realise how much the world has to offer and how much of it has been locked away from you. These acts will disassociate you from your boundaries, encouraging you to swim in uncharted waters.

If you buy a festival pass for $250, you can get access to all of Arts Centre Melbourne’s stages, back rooms and hidden corners, and you can also attend all the Friday events, all the day events on Saturday and one of the evening events on Saturday, and you also get to see John Cale: Signal to Noise.

If you buy a Friday festival pass for $60, you can see artists such as Manuel Gottshing or the TAO Dance Theatre along with many others. If you buy a Saturday festival pass for $130, you can view all of their day events and one of their night events. Sunday launches the exciting performance of John Cale at Hamer Hall.

Individual tickets have been on sale from Monday the 1st of June, and the official schedule of the events will be released on Friday the 17th of July. Don’t miss out on the opportunity of a lifetime, especially when it gives you the opportunity to spread your wings and fly beyond your human existence.

Supersense Festival
Arts Centre Melbourne, 100 St Kilda Road, Melbourne
Friday August 7 – Sunday August 9

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