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Game Of Rhones 2015

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June 13, 2015
1:00 pmto6:00 pm

Saturday June 13th – Wine is coming.

Yes, Game of Rhones is back for its third year. The popular wine tasting will last all afternoon and culminate in a vote, by tasters, to name the best wine – all made from varieties of grapes from the French Rhone Valley. There are many diverse Rhone wines, however; and coupled with the fact that Bottle Shop Concepts slate over 40 producers and 100 wines throwing their hat into the ring, choosing only one will be no simple task. So prepare your senses. There will be enough wine to make Tyrion Lannister proud.

The Melbourne event will be held at North Melbourne’s Meat Market – appropriate for an event that in the past has brought out the inner cosplayer in many a grape lover. Picture a great hall filled with flowing wine and seared meat (vegetarians will be catered to), populated with fur-and-armour clad patrons. Costumes are not mandatory, and indeed Game of Rhones isn’t at all affiliated with HBO’s Game of Thrones, but if dressing up as a brother of the Night’s Watch with an animal leg in one hand and a chalice of wine in the other sounds like your jam, then do not hesitate.

The vino is all of the Rhone Grape, but this is a decidedly Australian and New Zealand party – all brands participating in Game of Rhones are local to the two humble kingdoms. Some top-billed Victorian wine producers include Yarra Yering, The Hairy Arm and Innocent Bystander. Other cities where Bottle Shop Concepts will be rolling out the house sigil include Adelaide, Brisbane, Sydney and Auckland.

Be prepared to gain a red mouth and an urge to go to battle for your favourite pick. And clear your schedule for the day – festivities will last from 1pm-6pm. How is that for an ideal winter Saturday?

Game of Rhones
Meat Market, 5 Blackwood Street, North Melbourne
Saturday June 13, 1pm-6pm

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