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Mio Locale: A Piece Of Southern Italy Arrives On Brunswick Street

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Combining one’s love for coffee and another’s passion in food, this brother and sister duo has created a foodie gem tucked away in the residential pocket of Brunswick Street in Fitzroy North.

Priding themselves on their Southern Italian heritage, Mio Locale serves up a fresh and rustic breakfast, brunch and lunch menu inspired by their take on Italian cuisine. The menu may not appear to have your traditional Italian classics; instead this newly established café thrives on highlighting main Italian ingredients with a modern twist.

Mio Locale love to use ingredients they were brought up admiring. Ideas brewing since their days inside a Calabria kitchen have now transformed into reality. The semolina porridge is only one example of this café keeping up with contemporary foodie trends while providing diners with the wonders of ingredients they have grown up with.

The baked eggs with ‘Nduja and toasted bread is a must! Now if you’re wondering what ‘Nduja is, you’re not alone! ‘Nduja is a soft, spreadable salami native to Calabria with Mio Locale even saying it may as well be considered as “Italy’s answer to vegemite.” With this moderately spiced spread combined with the warm, soft yolk from the baked eggs, then spread onto a piece of toasted bread is admirable. A truly authentic way Italians love to have their meals – hearty, gourmet and bread on the side for dipping.

The coffee adds another dimension to this modest café. Wanting a unique coffee taste that is strong like the coffees in Europe, Mio Locale have opted for a decadent brew of coffee that provides subtle hints of chocolate and hazelnut with a good kick, but a smooth finish. Mio Locale believes in authentic coffee that is less acidic taking extra caution in where and how their coffee beans are sourced.

Mio Locale is all about the customer, genuinely concerned about catering for everyone’s culinary needs. It doesn’t stop with the impressive array of breakfast brunch and lunch dishes and the list of different coffee brews, they even offer a catering menu as well as organising pre-made take-home packs and picnic packs.

The service is what you would normally except from a family run business. Professional, warm and enthusiastic to the point where you too have joined the Mio Locale family!

The location is perfect to sit outside with a coffee and read the newspaper while watching the world go by. Trams that lead into the city, pedestrians walking past to the nearby Edinburgh Gardens, drop by at Mio Locale for your dose of tranquil European dining.

Buon Appetito!

Mio Locale
465 Brunswick Street, Fitzroy North


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