Ronny Chieng’s You Don’t Know What You’re Talking About

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Ronny Cheing was so funny in his show, You Don’t Know What You’re Talking About, this year that when he came out afterwards to sign merchandise, I was so starstruck that I freaked out and fell down the stairs at the Forum Theatre. I know it’s not like normal protocol to go to a comedy show and try and be funny yourself, but it was only like three stairs. Anyway, he was so good that instead of making fun of how I fell and laughing at me for the rest of the night, my sister kept saying his jokes and laughing at them. TALK ABOUT A LUCKY BREAK.

Thanks Ronny.

Google search him and you’ll get the general idea that he’s funny as shit because he’s won about a bagillion comedy awards in the past couple of years. He told us about it. He’ll tell you about it, (I didn’t want this to end up a resume write up, but for you skeptics the 2014 line up; Winner Directors’ Choice Award 2014 Melbourne International Comedy Festival

, Winner Best of the Fest Local Award 2014 Sydney Comedy Festival, Nominee Best Comedy Performer 2014 Helpmann Awards, Nominatee Cleo Bachelor of the Year 2014, Nominatee Best Comedy Release 2014 ARIAs). But it’s not just the important people that are finding him funny; normal plebs like me are watching him and literally losing it in the audience and laughing hysterically, even though people are starting to look around to see who that immature girl who cant keep it together is.

I don’t want to ruin any of his jokes, but I implore you to go and watch this show because it is the most adequately rated stand up I have ever been to. You can leave your awkward joke inhibitions at home. There are no parts where he conspicuously tries to be funny and you, the audience, have to sit there and watch sympathetically while you wish for a bomb threat or something so this would JUST PLEASE END. This is funny for the whole time. Also, there are no parts where you feel like you are participating in or proponing anything that is overtly contributing to the degeneration of humanity, like laughing at rape or xenophobia or something, because while those things are often used as a crutch for comedians, Ronny is just clever/real funny.

Ronny Chieng’s You Don’t Know What You’re Talking About
Forum Theatre (upstairs), 154 Flinders Street (corner of Flinders Street and Russell Street), Melbourne
Thursday March 26 – Sunday April 19

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