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In my mind, there is nothing sexier than a man or woman who can dance. When I say dance, I’m not talking about Irish, Haka or line.  Regardless of the skill and technique required for any of these dance styles, we need to face facts;  they are not sexy, nor are they particularly useful on a Saturday night unless you’re at a rugby game (and let’s be honest, who in Melbourne actually likes rugby?).

When I say dance, I mean that of the Latin persuasion. Salsa, Bachata and Reggaeton are all booty-shaking, hip-swinging, chest-shimmying, envy inducing styles of dance that, when performed with skill, technique and passion, are impossible not to admire.

Luckily for all of you hip young things (or old, we don’t discriminate), the popularity of salsa music and dancing is on the rise in Melbourne. So put on your dancing shoes (or whichever shoes you can rustle up) and learn how to get your salsa on!

The Salsa Foundation runs beginners salsa classes every Wednesday and Thursday at 6:30pm for FREE. Yes, that’s right, for FREEEEEEEEEEEE! These classes are for the absolute beginner, so even if you’ve never taken a dance class in your life, do not be intimidated.  For those who have taken a salsa class or two, it’s a great refresher and an opportunity for some free dancing and mingling.

You can take the free class as many times as you like, and if you decide that salsa is your new passion in life (which you will), you can enroll in their level 1.5 Salsa classes to progress your dancing skills and get on your way to becoming that ‘nothing sexier’ person who can dance that everybody swoons over at parties, clubs, bars, in movies (Antonio Banderas, I’m looking at you) and on the stage… or just anywhere, really.

You can go to the classes with friends or go alone, either way you rotate dance partners throughout the duration of the lesson so there is no need to be afraid to turn up solo. The staff and teachers break everything down to make all students feel comfortable and their friendly and enthusiastic attitudes make the class super fun and relaxed.

If salsa has caught your eye but you still feel yourself wanting more, Bachata is another style of Latin dance with Caribbean origins which you can also learn at The Salsa Foundation. Alternatively, if couple dancing is not quite your thing, you can always give Reggaeton a go; the Latin- flavoured style of hip-hop played widely in Latin-American discotecas.

Not only is salsa a mad skill to possess, it is probably one of the most useful styles of dance to know. Melbourne has plenty of locations where you can go and get your salsa on, any night of the week. How many places are available for some social ballet or Irish jjgging? Not many I would think, so hang up your pointe shoes and get to the Salsa Foundation on Little Collins street to try out their free salsa class – you’ve got nothing to lose!

The Salsa Foundation
600 Little Collins Street, Melbourne
Every Wednesday and Thursday, 6pm

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