Melbourne Summer Vs. Melbourne Winter

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Heat or cold, sun or snow, Anthony Piovesan explores Melbourne’s preference between summer and winter.

Summer is well upon us and as we plunge headfirst through the January heatwave there will undoubtedly be many Melbournians longing for the relief of winter. However, once Melbourne has plunged into the cold winter months we wish we could turn back the clock to summer, where that treacherous morning struggle to venture outside our warm doonas does not exist. Unfortunately for the present time, there is no season in which summer and winter can separate their differences and coexist peacefully. So I have picked apart some differences between the two and offered my view on Melbourne’s preference between these two opposites.

Yes, summer does bring extreme heat where the mercury can sometimes soar beyond 40 degrees Celsius; this can be torture for many of you. But I have come to appreciate such weather. Yes I like the heat, and you might think I am biased, but believe me, living among family members who cower indoors as soon as the mercury hits 25 degrees, I believe I can compose an objective view. Such extreme temperatures is an experience, it’s something which makes national and sometimes even international headlines, we are all apart of that, and then to come out at the end of a heat wave, well isn’t that a story to tell the grandkids?

It is also perfect weather for the beach; our Victorian coastline is privileged with many picturesque spots to enjoy a perfect getaway of sun, sand and the surf. So tackle those waves and capture those unique sunrises before it’s time to get out the suit and head back to the office.

Winter brings getaway plans away from the coast as many Melbournians flock inland. As a kid, I always loved winter holidays, I travelled to towns such as Echuca, Ballarat and Daylesford and I recall seeing winter in a different light. Winter is so majestic in the countryside, there is a tranquility in the crisp cold mornings and there is something enchanting about spending an evening huddled next to a traditional wood fire. A winter getaway is a beautiful time to relax, calm the senses midway through the year and experience the serenity of a winter wonderland in Victoria’s high country or small villages.

Food & Culture
I would have to say that summer is a clear winner here. The beautiful still summer nights allows outdoor dining and market settings to flourish. The Night Market at the Queen Victoria Market is simply the place to be on a Wednesday night in Melbourne. The market offers an unique platform for emerging designers, artists, musicians and foodies to showcase their talent at one of Melbourne’s favourite summer events. The ultimate paradigm of Melbourne’s cosmopolitan culture, you will journey home with a craving for Danish pancakes or that incredible Spanish paella and humming a foreign jingle performed live that night.

Lit up with world class sporting events during the warmer months, Melbourne is the place to be in the summer for all you sport fanatics out there. Only once a year do you get the opportunity to watch the world’s best tennis players battle it out on centre court at Melbourne Park for the Australian Open crown. Intensity reaches meteoric heights as the likes of Roger Federer, Novak Djokovic, Maria Sharapova, Serena Williams and many more fight for victory in the Melbourne heat.

Cricket dominates our television screens as test cricket and the twenty-twenty big bash entertain viewers with different forms of Australia’s favourite game.

Australia is even privileged enough to play host to the 2015 Asian Cup this summer featuring the best soccer teams across Asia. The tournament is well under way with various fixtures scheduled at Melbourne’s AAMI Park.

So yes, summer is a clear winner today, it truly is an incredible time in Melbourne, there are festivities all round. From the celebrations of Christmas day to those wild New Year parties, summer is electric in Melbourne and a great way to start off the year with a bang! As for you winter, not victorious today, but we still love you.

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