West Vs. East: Who Is Better Melbourne?

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Now you might think an eastern suburbs girl would be quite biased when deciding if the west is better than the east. However, due to the fact I play hockey for Altona and travel there up to three times a week, I may actually be credible to give my views on this MASSIV debate. Yes I just spelt ‘massive’ incorrectly, but if you watched Big Brother as closely as I did you would know that’s how housemate Travis, from Altona Meadows spells it. So I will pick apart both sides of the west gate and see who comes out on top.

Yes… I have been out in Werribee. Did I like it? I loved it. Why? Because you do not need to be in a bandage Kookai dress, have your hair done at Joey Scandizzo or be wearing tasseled Windsor Smith’s. At Mynt Lounge in Werribee, no one gives a shit who you are or where you are from, if you are a current AFL player or hold a modeling contract at Chadwick’s. Sorry Motel and Eve Bar, your prerequisites for entry are just too much for me. I can’t even.

Food And Drinks
Now this is a tricky one. Three years ago, it would have been a no-brainer to choose the East over the West but with Eat8Bit, Heal.thy.self and Roti Road coming onto the scene lately, it makes my decision pretty tough. The food in the west is seriously becoming so good that I will drive the thirty minutes to grab a burger, potato gems, chips and a salted caramel shake. However, living in such close proximity to Chapel Street, the city and St. Kilda, I am inundated with amazing options. From quick and easy pasta at Sauced Bar to delicious tacos and margherita’s at Radio Mexico, think it is better to call this one a draw.

Some activities in the West could include catching a game of Hockey in Altona (hint, hint) or going to Scienceworks on a family outing or getting great produce at Footscray Market, but when you have St. Kilda beach in the summer, footy games at the MCG in winter and the Prahran Market offering free tasters of dips and sausages on a Saturday morning the answer is pretty easy…the East.

This last category ultimately decides who takes the cake. We will chuck Costco in to help out the West a little bit, but with Highpoint as the only major shopping centre (even though it is pretty good) I think the East wins this one. You cannot compete with the likes of Chapel Street, Chadstone Shopping Centre, Malvern Central, Glenferrie Road, High Street and many more. On any major street you go to you are more than likely to do some serious damage to ye’ olde credit card and shop up a storm (maybe that is just me and I have a problem).

In all seriousness, the tally currently sits at East 2-1 West. Maybe next year Westies.

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