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It’s easy to get caught up in the festive season. Christmas and New Year’s parties, cocktails, canapés and weekends lazing around the beach all add up. Come the New Year, your health has hit the back burner and you wind up needing a holiday from the holiday season.

So you pick yourself up, make a couple of changes to your diet, lace up your runners a few more times a week and you’re good as new before you know it.

Have you ever wondered what it’s like for those who don’t have that reset button?

Myalgic Encephalomyeltis, or Chronic Fatigue Syndrome (ME/CFS) affects somewhere between 92,000 and 240,000 Australian people, yet stands as one of the most misunderstood conditions in the world today. As a complex, multi-system condition, getting a diagnosis is exceptionally difficult, and managing the symptoms is even harder.

Based on Chapel Street, Emerge Australia stand as a support network for those affected by ME/CFS, and strive to provide advocacy, education and information about the condition. They stand to empower people struggling with the condition to build their knowledge and awareness of how to live with the condition so that they can go on to have better, fuller lives.

As we head into the giving season, we’re offered the chance to acknowledge those who have it a little tougher than we do. We’re shown new ways to get involved and give up our money, time and effort to others.

If you’d like to better understand the condition, you’re struggling with ME/CFS, or know someone who would benefit from having more information Emerge Australia have an astounding amount of information on their website.

Then, if you find the information helpful, consider getting your giving spirit on and making a donation here.

Whilst you’ve got your donation mojo on, how about popping a vote in for the Redback Charity initiative? Redback Conferencing show their support for organisations like Emerge with the Program, where three charities are highlighted on a quarterly basis, and put to a public vote for a $500 donation. You can vote here as many times as you like!

Forget waiting until the New Year to gear in on your resolutions. Get your good vibes going for 2015 with some awareness and advocacy for an organisation like Emerge Australia and see what a difference giving can make!

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