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One: A Melburnian’s Photographs Of The World

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They say every picture is worth a thousand words, and Melbourne photographer Amanda Fordyce would definitely agree with that. Amanda’s been all around the world taking five years worth of snaps of some truly amazing sights and they will be on display at her photo exhibition ONE. I had the chance to talk to Amanda about her amazing career and her exhibition.

How long have you been doing photography for?
My cameras and I have been hanging out since I was about 12 or 13. I suppose we’ve been kinda serious for the last 5 years.

What made you decide to go around world to take all these photographs?
I’ve been very fortunate to travel for work and I’m a big fan of R and D. My mind works differently when I’m in new countries. My eyes never close, I’m always eager to see what’s around the next corner. I like getting lost, and making new friends who lead you to even more unexpected places and faces.

What was your favourite place to photograph and why?
Would be hard to name just one favourite place, my biggest memories and moments captured would be Italy where I studied Fine Arts for 3 months; New York, shooting and partying throughout Fashion Week; and Austin, Texas, for South by Southwest Music Conference, shooting some incredibly talented bands and musicians from all over the world. And one last one… A campaign I shot with an amazing crew in the States, starting at Coachella in Palm Springs travelling through to LA.

How well does Melbourne photograph compared to the rest of the world?
Melbourne is a great place to live, but just doesn’t have the history that makes Europe and America so visually rich. I still love it though!

What type of photography have you done in terms of fashion events, music, film and art? What is it like to take photographs at such events?
I have been lucky enough to shoot loads of music and fashion events… It has been pretty great to capture moments such as Wayne Coyne diving out into the crowd in his crazy plastic bubble and Valentino outside New York Fashion Week.

What do you hope your exhibition ONE will accomplish with your photos? Is there a message or a theme you are trying to convey?
My main aim with ONE was to really stop for a second. Stop and take some time out to look back on a pretty incredible 5 years and share some images in the same way in which I fell in love with photography, in the flesh!

ONE Exhibition
Paterson Building, Level 2, 181 Smith Street, Fitzroy
Thursday December 11th, 6:30pm-9:30pm
Friday December 12th, 12pm-4pm
Saturday December 13th, 12pm-4pm


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