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Republica St Kilda’s Summer Pop-Up Caravan

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St Kilda’s Republica delivers the goods re: SWANK AS beachfront summer drinking location with chilled vibes and beautiful view.

Call the cops, right? What a diamond in the rough. Whoda thunk that St Kilda foreshore was the choicest location in Melbourne from about late September all the way through to March. Probably explains the hordes of backpackers and hostels. It also explains the absolute necessity of the recent renos and launch of the Summer Pop Up Caravan at the beachfront establishment.

You might have never been there, but I bet you know the place I’m talking about. If you’re from Melbourne, or were in Melbourne, and have ever tried to seal the deal with a date, I’m banking you have taken them for a romantic stroll along that beach. Whilst walking, you would have for shiz passed Republica’s courtyard and seen it filled (it’s always filled) with people looking like they are having an exceptional time. If it was a Sunday afternoon, the sheer quantity of people would have demanded your full attention. In passing, you would have thought, “Damn I should have taken my date there.” Or, if you have incredible game, you were high fiving yourself because you did take them there.

You already know it’s cool, but here’s the real scoop. You can believe the hype because, ask the dudes who took their dates there, Republica meets the expectations. Highlights now include the new outdoor caravan bar and Astroturfed area, excellent facial hair on the very obliging staff (the staff sans facial hair are also very obliging), live music, revamp of the indoor dining area, and as always, that goddamned picturesque courtyard.

Summer sessions at Republica have officially kicked off with the launch of the brand new additions to the venue on Thursday 20 November. Where, weather not permitting and withstanding the ultimate test, tackling food trend of the moment slider burgers and coming out on top, they threw a pretty great party.

Even in the drizzle on a mediocre Thursday night, the sunset view from Republica’s perch was sickeningly beautiful.

10-18 Jacka Boulevard, St Kilda

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