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Eat Drink Design Awards 2014

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An evening of the most creative design, amazing food and a true appreciation for the hostility business, that’s exactly what 2014 Eat Drink Design Awards had to offer. The exclusive event welcomed you with a tonic drink and fabulous finger food. With six awards to hand out, over 300 designers, architects, restaurants and café owners from all over Australia and New Zealand had gathered in Melbourne’s Ormond Hall on the 18th of November.

The awards were for Best Bar Design, Best Restaurant Design, Best Café Design, Best Temporary Design, Best Retail Design and Best Identity Design. There were six awards to be won along with an induction to the Eat Drink Design Hall of Fame, bringing it to a total of seven awards for the night. The restaurant inducted to the hall of fame was Meyers Place Bar in Melbourne. Meyers Place Bar was more than deserving of the award and the owner seemed to be as proud of the design of his bar as he was of the people in the city of Melbourne. He implied that a place with great design isn’t anything without its guests.

Over 150 hostility owners entered the competition, and in the divine salon of Ormond Hall the excited and curious crowd was assembled in front of the stage. They all had with one thing in common, their genuine love for great food, design and hostility. The jury that consisted of restaurateurs, food critics designers and architects looked for specialisations, creative project, good location, but most of all the great design of the hostilities of the competing venues. New to this year was that there was only one winner per category, but each category had a few special mentions.

The best Identity Design went to Seafares Ostro in Auckland, New Zealand, with their simple but delicious New Zealand brasserie food that you can enjoy with the outlook over the harbour. The owners had flown in all the way from Auckland to Melbourne and were very pleased when they accepted the award in Ormond Hall.

The heritage listed establishment named A. Baker in Canberra was, with its two levels now a newly refurbished building, nominated for the Best Restaurant Design and for the Best Bar Design, but won the award for Best Café Design. The sourdough bread may be good, but this time it was the atmosphere and design of the venue that took home the prize. A baker took over the Acton Hotel, which burned down in 2011. In the new design and renovation they kept some of the charred fire damaged walls from as a feature and reminder of the properties history. This unique restaurant it’s an absolute must to visit if you are in Canberra.

The Best Retail Design went to the Standard market company, Gasworks Newstead. The clean and fresh store offers only the greatest of fruit and greens, bread, meat and quench. With a high ceiling, terracotta floor tiles and cool atmosphere The standard Market Company gives you a traditional but yet modern market to buy all your fresh food glossaries.

Coffee peddlr, which probably was the funkiest of the winners, took home the award for the Best Temporary Design. The sun-colored little coffee-truck was well worthy of the award since it drives around in Melbourne, waking the city up with its freshly brewed coffee and ecstatic owners.

Clever Little Tailor in Adelaide, the winner of Best Bar Design, invites you in through their gold lettered doors, to sip on its great cocktails in its brown leather couches, surrounded by warm brick, and you just don’t want to leave. The bar gives a whole-hearted, welcoming and authentic impression, and serves quality liquor and bar snack food.

The award for Best Restaurant Design, by far the most competitive category, with 54 restaurant entrances, went to the striking and fashionable Rockpool Sydney who just celebrated 25 years in October 2014. Now they have yet another reason to celebrate. The urbane dining hall, all in black, creates an elegant and dramatic glow while you embrace their flawless food and beverage.

The celebrations continued with a great feed after the announcements. The immaculate and delicious banquette was design by Christine Manfield and offered pulled lamb, fresh bread and salad, wine and drinks. It was presented in an absolute elegant way, on long white tables with innovative decorations. It looked so beautiful that you didn’t want to destroy the art of food. But, when you laid your eyes on that pulled lamb, your mouth started to water and it was just impossible to resist. When everyone was full and the food was all gone the after party was held at The Village Bistro where all guests were invited to rejoice until the early hours.


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