The Inbetweeners 2

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Any film sequel that is released comes with the obvious silent disclaimer, “you know this is going to be shittier than the first one.” That’s just how it goes. When you buy a ticket you enter that contract of not being able to have any valid expectations except the one of being disappointed. Particularly when the first film is successful, and there is no hope in hell when the series has a cult following. If you disagree, I’d like to please cast your mind back to the crime against humanity that was the Sex and The City sequel and rest my case.

However, in this instance you may disagree because these guys nailed it.

Somehow the film manages to subtly avoid all the usual pitfalls sequels always end up victim to, and they manage to do this because of the fucking hilarious cast and excellent screenwriter. The plot line is secondary in this film because it’s a bunch of guys who pull gags doing pretty much anything and so people want to watch them in any location doing whatever. You’re laughing so you sort of forget about the fact that this is another coming-of-age, holiday-location piece. Also, it’s clear they aren’t just running the same track over and over again. Fundamentally the characters are the same, you still want to throw yourself in front of a bus when Will talks to a girl and Jay is still filthy, but their motivations and aspirations have evolved from the last film. Instead of falling into the trap of thinking different location disguises jokes you’ve scripted before into somehow being new and funny again, there’s adaptation and character development. While there are a few epic toilet jokes, the script doesn’t rely on them as the main source of humor.

If you’re looking for something existential and reflective of the human condition, go home, this ain’t it. If you’re also looking for an accurate representation of the Australian population, this also ain’t it. What this is, is the crème de la crème of stupid funny and wanking jokes.

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