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If you are a queen, tha Queen, Queen Bey, or desperately want to be a dancer in an RNB film clip, there’s an appropriate place of worship for you.

Never did I imagine there would be a place where people go and practice Beyonce moves, sober, on a weeknight, that was not 13-year-old me in my lounge room. In fact, it makes me sad this has only just surfaced.

Held every Wednesday at Laundry Bar in Fitzroy from 7–8pm, Booty Work is exactly what you imagine yourself doing when you picture yourself part of a cool dance crew. I imagine people might tense up at the mention of exercise dance class and picture Zumba for hipsters. But the main tenants of Booty Work are about being sexy and positive and liberated as opposed to getting a group of people to wobble around to Latino music en masse. There’s always a DJ and no parts where you have to learn an aerobics routine. Also the lights are always dim and sultry, so you feel sexy and famous and not like an uncoordinated gigantor thing trying to dance.

I say Booty Work is for you, “if you wanna be a dancer in an RnB film clip”, but actually this class is for anyone who enjoys booty shorts, wears booty shorts, wants to think about their butt for an hour, tried to be do the ‘Crazy in Love’ booty pop thing, and/or wants to be on that fit and toned bandwagon but can’t deal with cardio.

I’ve done the standard go-to-the-gym and squat thing. It’s shit. After every set, I’m looking in the mirror trying to make out my box gap and then I get disappointed every time I don’t have one yet. But my gym never plays ‘Get Low’ (so apt), and we never got to do the sexy heavy breathing thing that Britney Spears does when she sings ‘Slave 4 U’ and WE DID THAT AT BOOTY WORK.

In summation, fuck the box gap, I already feel like the hottest bitch going around. Best 15 bucks you’ll spend this week guaranteed.

Photos by Leila Korenleilion.com

Booty Work
Laundry Bar, 48-50 Johnston Street, Fitzroy
Every Wednesday, 7pm-8pm

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