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Mastering the fish with Donovan Cooke

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Like many men, I have my staple of four dishes: pasta, curry, some sort of soup and if I’m really lashing out, maybe a roast. And it goes without saying I can whip up a packet of 2 Minute noodles like nobody’s business.

All of my skills were acquired many years ago and until recently I’ve seen no reason to expand them, until I’ve reached the age where my friend have started hosting dinner parties and bringing dish means rocking up with more than a box of Cheezels.

Hence this week I’m stretching my very rusty culinary wings and attending the “Seafood and Roast It”  masterclass by The Atlantic’s Donovan Cooke. This Thursday I’m told Cooke will “unlock the mysteries of cooking fish”, showing us all how to properly roast a whole Victorian baby snapper, as well as preparing sides sourced from local seasonal produce.

It’s all part of Melbourne Food and Wine’s month-long meat fest The Roast Collection, and fittingly ends with a fish feast. It might also end with my adding a fifth dish to my hallowed list of staples. Stranger things have happened.

The Seafood and Roast It masterclass is on Thurs 26 June from 7pm – 10pm
Shed 14, Central Pier, Docklands
$115 per person, two courses and a glass of wine
To book call 9698 8888


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