A short time in the future, at a concert not far away…

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It is a time of celebration for the
Galactic Republic. Star Wars fans,
celebrating May the Fourth, have
gathered to enjoy a night of music.

During the holiday, dedicated nerds
have managed to get exclusive
tickets to the ultimate
celebration, STAR WARS IN CONCERT,
an epic display of music with over
200 performers from the Melbourne
Youth Orchestra, showcasing iconic
themes by John Williams.

Battling footy traffic, Committed
Concert-goers race to Elisabeth
Murdoch Hall aboard the Ford
Mercury, custodians of the tickets
that can gain them entry and
restore happiness to the fandom…

We pan down from a starry sky to the crawling traffic on

Alexandra Parade. The Ford Mercury, filled with costumed
CONCERT-GOERS(THEO, ART, LUKE and LEIA), inches along.

We’ve been here for half an hour!
We’ll miss the concert for sure!
This is madness.

ART rolls his eyes.

Theo, the concert isn’t until 5.

But what if we miss the Tusken
Raider Choir? The Grand Choir of

Ergh, nobody cares about that. I
just want to see the 501st. Maybe
they’ll let me join…

Aren’t you a little short for a

Everyone groans. Luke looks over the tickets.

We’ll get there on time. The
tickets were only 53.80 each, I
won’t miss a bargain like that.

A gap in traffic opens up and Luke floors it, the Mercury
speeding to a side street. The Concert-Goers cheer, zooming
to the concert hall.

Star Wars in Concert is on Sunday 4th of May from 5 PM at the Melbourne Recital Centre (Elisabeth Murdoch Hall).
Tickets start from $53.80 and can be purchased from melbournerecital.com.au/events/2014/starwars.
May the force be with you.

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