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Small Bites, Big Taste at Jabili’s Kitchen

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Suspended between the bocce pitch of Mr Wow’s Emporium and the Cuban rum stash of Los Barbudos is the latest pop-up from the Thank You Come Again team (Double Happiness, New Gold Mountain, Lily Blacks). Jabili’s Kitchen has recently opened its windows as the resident food truck sending a breeze of Moroccan spices and Tunisian chilli all throughout the building.

Nestled at the very back of Mr Wow’s and Los Barbudos, Jabili’s Kitchen does more than merely fuel the alcohol consumption of obliging guests.  The makeshift space is softened by fake grass, a caravan adorned in plywood, and Jabili at the helm chargrilling harissa prawns and frying Moroccan sliders.

Describing his food as “Safi” – Swahili for cool, fun and fresh – Jabili’s menu is more reflective of him than traditional African food.  Having lived in Australia since age five, Jabili has taken the punchy flavour of African food and familiarized it as dude food, hand food, a mixed bag of flavours with nothing over $10.  Yoghurt braised lamb shoulder comes folded in dukkah, tabouleh and a soft taco, while the piri piri chicken wingettes come ready to be dipped in smoky fennel aioli.

Fixed at the Smith Street location until at least May, Jabili admits an aspiration to a more permanent set up.  But for now, judging from its inevitable popularity, the food truck may just have to stay on Smith Street a few months longer.

Jabili’s Kitchen
Rear 95 and 97b Smith St, Fitzroy (enter via Mr Wow’s or Los Barbudos)
Thursday – Friday 5pm to 11pm
Saturday 6pm to 12am
Sunday 4pm to 10pm

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