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A Guide to ‘Getting Shit Done’

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It’s safe to assume that we all have at least one vivid memory of coming home and asking our parents why we had to go to school. “Because you’ll learn things you’ll need later in life,” your parents may have dutifully responded. Only the boldest of children may have then rebutted, “And how many times have you used Pythagoras’ Theorem?”

Education is on the move; technology is driving a collaborative economy where anything is possible, and change is inevitable. You can see it everywhere: from when the music industry collided with filesharing, to now, as the hotel industry struggles against accommodation-sharing websites such as Airbnb.

You can learn a language whilst translating websites, and you can even access Ivy League lectures for free. We’re at the point where anyone can get a degree but what about a thrilling career? How do you get that, when all university teaches you is how to ‘multiple choice’ through life?  It’s time the education industry got real, or so The Fitzroy Academy of Getting Shit Done believes.

Basically a crash course in how to give society the finger, and set the world ablaze with some dynamic entrepreneurial know-how, The Fitzroy Academy of GSD is selling tickets to its first ever selection night on December 16th ($10). From there, you may be selected in the lucky twenty-five students prepared to give up $1000 and the month of February for some intensive real world learning. Get inspired, skill up, and maybe even win yourself an internship or venture funding.

When university can’t keep up, it’s your chance to dictate what you want to do with your own life, and with such an ingenious format – from experts passing down knowledge to mentors working laterally – The Fitzroy Academy of Getting Shit Done may actually get shit done. Kudos to them.

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