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Yousli wages war on breakfast apathy

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Walking down the breakfast aisle of the supermarket and grabbing your usual muesli off the shelf is an all-too-common phenomenon.

Unless breakfast takes an hour to make, or is served up fresh and hot from your favourite café, it’s often hard to get excited about. Nutritionist Arabella Forge, instrumental in the creation of Yousli, even insists that “unless it’s oats, I tell my clients to steer clear of the cereal aisle altogether.”

Born from this frustration comes Paul Findlay’s Yousli – muesli concoctions shaped by months of tasting and testing in search of combinations that tick all the brekky boxes.

Launched online in July, Yousli is all about feel-good food designed to give you greater agency over how you start your day.  With five premade mixes – Ginger, Barberry and Macadamia ($17.25), Gluten Freedom ($16.95), Almond and Sour Cherry ($16.95), Sesame, Fig and Walnut ($14.95) and Shane Delia’s Shameless Delight ($19.95) – you can also pick from one of four bases on which to build your own choice of grains, nuts and fruits.

Want to know the nutritional breakdown of your signature creation?  Fear not, the nutritional calculator updates itself based upon your clicks.  And once you’re done, a Yousli team member pops on the Yousli bike and cruises over to your mailbox with a 500g canister smiling from within the basket.

It all seems a little too good; there’s usually a catch with these things, and of course it comes with a price tag.  But there’s something so satisfying about having your name plastered on the label beside a list of ingredients you picked out yourself.

However it’s framed, Paul Findlay seems to be on a winning bracket here – activated buckinis and sesame rosewater jellies included. Make your own online or keep an eye out as it rolls into various cafes (Little Tommy Tucker amongst those leading the charge).

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