Martin Martini unveils Vienna 1913 and Pound Records

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Vienna 1913 is musician Martin Martini’s interpretation of Vienna circa 1913 with its extravagance, sophistication, art and entertainment.

In celebration of the record Martini will be performing shows throughout November and December at Bennett’s Lane, Captains of Industry (for a show and four course meal), The Evelyn Hotel and a free, in-store gig at TITLE Records.

Martini recently caught up with us to chat about the Captains of Industry show.

“I’ve been an organic gardener and forager for the last five years or so,” he tells us, explaining he’ll be gathering his chef friends to create dishes from ingredients sourced at his one-acre farm in Donvale for the four courses. All dishes are inspired by Vienna 1913.

“So we will get together, argue about what plates we will create and have some fun. I will end up waiting, playing the show and doing the dishes I would say.

“Vienna 1913 was recorded on two room microphones, with a lot of black coffee, inside an old coffin factory.” Martini says when making the album he tried to capture everything from the coughs, the laughs, the walls, the room, the traffic and the rain.

As a bonus, those purchasing an LP will receive a bonus 50-page picture book by illustrator Michael Camilleri, showcasing a visual interpretation of Vienna 1913. Vinyls can be purchased through Pound Records from November 30.

To book a seat at the Captains of Industry event click here.
Evelyn Rooftop tickets are also available here

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