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Living in Melbourne’s CBD, it’s a rare occasion that I make the trip to Collingwood let alone out west to Footscray. However, it’s becoming increasingly clear that city limits are causing me to miss out on a wealth of fantastic suburban foods.

To help people like me navigate this kingdom of culinary delights, Lauren Wambach of Footscray Food Blog and Kenny Weir of Consider The Sauce have announced a new inaugural Footscray food award, The Westies – Dishes of Distinction.

As seasoned Footscray food bloggers with around 1000 posts between them, the pair are experts in the finer nuances of western suburbs dining (Wambach also runs Footscray Foodies Tours — exploring the cultural diversity of the area though its African, Vietnamese and Indian restaurants).

The Westies will be recognising three top restaurants for their standout dishes as part of the awards, which honour the best of western suburbs food. There’s no points for molecular gastronomy here; rather, the selection process “takes into account taste, consistency, pricing, and a sense of uniqueness or tradition,” according to Wambach and Weir.

The 2013 award ceremony will take place at the Footscray Food Blog/Consider The Sauce Spring Picnic on Saturday, November 30. For people like me, it’s an excellent excuse to get out of the city and stuff yourself silly with banh mi and dosa.

The Westies picnic is happening Saturday 30 Nov from 11am at Yarraville Gardens, Somerville Rd Yarraville.


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