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Casting a satirical eye over the hazy days of Australian politics, Rob Reid’s newest play Because of Reasons tackles the turn of leadership on 25 June 2010, when Australia woke up to a new labour leader and the first female PM.

With some red tape, some liberties and a pop soundtrack, Reid’s work fuses real dialogue with an imagined text of what would have been said (and sung) behind closed doors.

Power players include Lindsay Tanner, Kerry O’Brien, Bill Shorten, Wayne Swan, Graham Richardson and Penny Wong among others, all of whom Tim Wotherspoon, Brendan Hawke and Lelda Kapsis respectively and expertly moonlight between.

Petra Kalive’s direction sees the cast not only chop and change between characters but settings too, with adjustable lamps and whiteboards taking us from cabinet to press conferences, the news desk, the PM’s office and back again.

Keith Brockett perfected every nuance of Rudd right down to every lip lick and every conflicting internal battle. He is only matched by the lady in the red blazer, Freya Pragt, who’s taunted Gillard is a portrait of reluctance torn between the leadership and loyalty.

At 45 minutes long the play may be short but it’s no less sharp.

Because of Reasons is a part of 5pounds of Repertory Theatre season and runs until 23 Nov.
For tickets visit trybooking.com.

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