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Heating up The Kelvin Club

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In 18th century Britain, gentlemen’s clubs were established as a place where upper class men could gloat about their latest conquests and network in private. Yet the expedience of modern-day communication and social media has all but rendered the private social club a relic of the past; what can such places offer these days?

Under the guiding hand of Jerome Borazio (St Jerome’s, Shit Town) The Kelvin Club is now using its old school charm as a draw card for crowds seeking live entertainment and drinks– sans membership on Fridays and gig nights.  The upstairs function room (and dining room during daylight hours) has the ideal acoustics for this, given its previous use as an ABC broadcasting headquarters. Hopefully the arsenal of bird paintings on the walls isn’t too distracting from the music.

The downstairs area is dressed in paintings and artifacts that harken back to an era of English refinement, with mounted trophies and memorabilia, leather couches, burgundy carpet and wood-paneled walls.

Although the food isn’t the focus for non-members, the range of drinks is bound to satisfy from Coopers on tap ($5.50) to bottles of Moet ($95) and standard cocktails ($10-20).  These provide the perfect accompaniment to a game of billiards on tables the size of football pitches, maybe even with the help of the club’s billiards coach.

With roots stretching back to 1868, The Kelvin Club made it through its last rough patch by the perks of a 24-hour liquor license.  This new direction, appealing to a younger demographic, may just do the same.  And who knows, the charm of the place might even lure you in to apply for membership.

14-30 Melbourne Place, Melbourne
9654 5711
Mon, Tues, Sat 4pm-late
Wed-Fri 11pm-late

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