Milk Bar’s haunty Halloween tips

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Anyone that’s spent Halloween in the North America knows the holiday is held and celebrated in by people across the board perhaps more enthusiastically than any other holiday. People take to the streets in all types of awesome, weird and wonderful costumes and it really is a site to behold. Here are some keepers.

While Australians have yet to embrace the spooky date like our US and Canadian brethren, we’re slowly catching up. And this Thursday and Friday there’s a bunch of eerily excellent events to help you get your ghoulish go on.

Spooktober’s Haunted House
Let’s face it, the Haunted House at Luna Park might’ve been enjoy to scare the bejeesus out of our six year old selves, but once you enter puberty the neon skeleton faces, creepy fingers and unexpected bursts of air and screams get a little long in the tooth. Careful what you wish for, because now Haunted House 2.0 comes to Malvern, a suburb more associated with green leafy streets than rivers of blood and suffering.

The Spooktober Haunted House has converted an old mansion into an interactive HQ of hellish madness and terror. Come in costume and be scared and possibly scared by actors in costume and all manner of unholy happenings. Plus a lot of fun.
Spooktober is happening at  The Gables, 15 Finch St Malvern East. Tours operated between 4pm – 10pm on Oct 31.
For more info visit spooktober.com.au.

The Astor: Devilish Double Feature
The Astor isn’t just the best cinema in Melbourne because if its art deco good looks, resident cats, iconic posters and dangerously delicious choc ices. It also consistently pumps out cool themed events and screenings around the calendar.

On Thursday the cinema embraces the dark side with a double-screening of Birdemic: Shock and Terror and Birdemic 2: The Resurrection. A must all lovers of ultra low-budget romance thrillers that involve giant bird messing up shit. T-Shirts available for die hard fans.
For advance tickets and more info visit astortheatre.net.au.

Truly there are few things creepier than Gene Simmons’ tongue. Unless you count his reality show Gene Simmons Family Jewels. Continuing a proud and prickly tradition Melbourne Kiss tribute band Kisstroyer are appearing in an epic Halloween show at the Colonial Hotel.

It’s being billed as the biggest Halloween party in Melbourne with a tagline “If you don’t dress up, the reaper will take your soul.” Consider yourselves forewarned. Dress up or die.”
For more info and tickets click here.

Food and Drink



Superfluid has recently hit the streets of Melbourne, and if you are all about a healthy alternative when it comes to alcohol, this place is for you.



Bringing contemporary Malaysian street food to Northcote’s own High Street, the sleek and minimalist Merah aims to give patrons a touch of spice with their authentic home-style inspired menu.


Loch Lomond and Glen Scotia

Renowned whisky brands Loch Lomond and Glen Scotia are finally making the trip from the highlands of Scotland to a store near you.

Photo & Video


The 10th Whitelion Bail Out Charity Fundraiser

Bail Out's plans to help out Melbourne's disadvantaged youth.


The Fox Darkroom

Snap away with The Fox Darkroom, a mecca for photography aficionados to learn all about the traditional methods of black and white photography.


Somewhere Else video sings of summer

It almost sounds like the premise of a reality TV show: pile a bunch of artists in a bus for seven days, send them across Mexico and see what happens.