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The tea movement is happening. All around Melbourne people are taking to brewing, tasting and discerning between leaves with an enthusiasm once reserved for the coffee bean.

Joining the likes of Travelling Samover Tea House and Storm in a Teacup, Theic Tea Bar has opened this week in Collingwood. Appropriately named, a theic is a tea drunkard; one prone to the immoderate consumption of tea – something that is certainly encouraged here.

Run by Nathan Wakefield, managing director of Somage Fine Foods, Theic will be around as long as people flock to their 33 kinds of specialty tea. Kindly supplying the space is INSITU Furniture, which provides a funky and relaxed place for people to enjoy their brew. Nathan aims to give people a “tea experience” not just the afterthought of a cuppa in the afternoon.

“Tea is a communal drink, this is something we want to bring into the environment,” he says. “This is a venue for you if you want to explore the possibilities of flavour.”

The Wild Persimmon Leaf ($8.5 dine in) is certainly interesting, with a comforting, homely taste reminiscent of fresh-baked biscuits. Their chai, made from a wet mix and brewed with organic soy milk ($7.5 dine in) is a heady blend, heavy on the cardamom and cloves.

All the tea is made in handmade pottery, including japanese Tokoname teapots, to produce crisper, more vivid flavours and a more stable temperature. As a special touch, weekly trips are taken to Mount Donna Buang in Victoria for the springwater to brew their teas.

Served alongside their drinks are all vegan treats and eats. Theic has teamed up with Chinita Desserts, Loafer Bakery, Botanical Cuisine and Proud Mary to provide some nibbles should you get hungry. Their Tasting Plate for one ($8) includes a Lemon and Dill “cheese” which is light and moorish, and an earthy Carrot and Fennel pate. Sweets include their Snickers Ball ($4) made with cacao, peanuts, coconut and dates. Pop down if you’re in the mood for a sip and enjoy the beginning of the tea movement.

77 Cromwell Street, Collinwood
0433 214 938
Tues-Sun 8am till 3:30pm

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