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Cocktail of the week: Between the Sheets

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While cocktails can come hot and cold, big and small and from a range of flavour profiles, we always find ourselves wanting more adventurous and exotic concoctions as the year edges towards summer. To satisfy our cravings The Brunswick Mess Hall runs us through a few of their favourites.

This week’s cocktail is Between the Sheets – a cocktail now regarded as somewhat of a classic. It launched in the 1930s as a rum-based variation of the Sidecar: a mixture of lemon juice, orange liqueur and brandy.

This variation mixes it up again. Typically, a well balanced Between the Sheets consists of Cognac, a light rum, Cointreau and lemon. The Brunswick Mess Hall spin on Between the Sheets includes;

Apple Jack Brandy (sweet, American)
Riverie Du Mat Rhum Agricole Vieux (cane-sugar rum)
St Germaine
Lemon Juice


A martini glass is chilled.
Each spirit and ingredient is poured into a shaker.
Taste for balance.
Shake with ice.
Pour into chilled glass.
Sprinkle orange twist with cinnamon, blowtorch, skewer, garnish.
Sip and sit on a sultry vintage lounge.

Make it at home or try at Sydney Road.

400 Sydney Road, Brunswick
9388 0297
Wed – Sun 5pm to 1am


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