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Parties are defined by their centrepieces; that thing that sets one event apart from any other. This could be the theme, the food, the creative location someone puked in. Or it could be a drumline, as Campbell Phillips from D²Drumline would recommend: an elaborately uniformed, well-choreographed and talented team of drummers who show up and perform a routine for your enjoyment.

“The drumline is unique. We are the only entertainment ensemble of our kind in the country,” says Phillips, who’s positioned D²Drumline to provide a stand-out feature to any gathering.

“We are highly flexible and love writing specific shows for our client’s needs. We have worked with cheerleaders, hip hop dancers, acoustic performers, DJs.There is nothing better than a loose brief and a blank pallette for us to work our magic with!”

While Phillips recommends only a 10-15 minute performance for most events (“We want to be memorable but not tiresome,”) months, if not years, of work can go into joining the drumline.

The schedule for the D²Drumline summer intensive shows just how much precision and work the line requires. Just one day includes six hours of drumming, with one hour for “chart dissection.” Our arms and ears ache just thinking about it!

While Phillips believes that a drumline can enhance almost any event he thinks that the best application of the line is as a big starter or finisher, a slap to the face or a knock-out punch. If you’d like that sort of wallop at an event you’re planning, check out D²Drumline. They’ll be happy to bang it out with you.

For more information on D²Drumline check out d2drumline.com

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